2012: A Message of Hope- Galena, Il. May 1, 2011

Join Molly Shepard and Janet Gray as they share a message about energy, vibration, and our ‘choice’ for earth’s future.  2012: A Message of Hope will be at 6pm in Galena, Illinois, May 1st 2011. Come celebrate the beginning of Spring and the awakening of spirit2012 Predictions with Molly Shepard. Limited number of attendees, pre-registration is required, by email or phone. This event is by donation.

Psychic Molly Shepard, M.A. will be available for private readings all day before the message at 6pm. Schedule your reading* by emailing . Getting a live reading from Molly is a rare, and a forever remembered experience.

* 70 for a ten-minute reading * 140 for a twenty-minute reading * 210 for a half hour reading  * 420 for an hour reading

Meet us at the Country Inn & Suites in Galena on May 1st. We’ll shift your energy, and raise the frequency to resonate throughout the world, in a vibration of peace.

Location: Country Inn & Suites  11334 Oldenburg Lane, Galena IL 61036

Pre-registration only:  608-331-0578

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Welcome Kind Souls

What a strange and exciting ride we are all on. The reality we are all immersed in collectively is really unprecedented. I think my favorite musing from the conspiracy minded is that aliens all over the galaxy are trying to get here for 2012 because its going to be quite a show…Who knew earth was such a tourist hot spot! There is a global shift in consciousness happening as we speak and yes we are leading up to some kind of big revelation.

Here’s the deal…our job as humans in this time is simply to be happy and ok. There’s a lot of fear and grimness out there and really for the shift we are in to come out right, the main thing is that some of us are going to have to be joyful as this cosmic pudding mix starts to set. It is each and every one of our cosmic duty to simply THRIVE and SHOW THE LOVE. As I am sure you know, I’m not talking about denial here. I am talking about making a conscious choice to grow like a wild flower in the midst of a wild storm.

This is why we have all incarnated right now… to be here for this unprecedented time and be part of a beautiful unveiling. When the veils are lifted… the truth of how much we really all love each other becomes strikingly clear. I think some other stuff is going to be clear too but the love thing is the chorus. My work as a fortuneteller is about using my abilites to help each person I work with THRIVE and SHOW THE LOVE. This happens naturally when our own intentions line up with divine intention. Often times we are closer to fine than we even realize and a few little mundane truths are all we need to “get it”.

There’s an incredible amount of energy swirling around the concept of “romance” and “relationship” right now. Its confusing because all of the old reasons we had to choose a mate are becoming moot points. Theres no more script and we’re on our own. The purpose for togetherness with our beloved is changing.

A lot of us are feeling a very dramatic kind of confusion. Its ok though. What we are dealing with is a lot like the end of schooling, right before graduation. There’s fear and a nervous expectation. Its par for the course. Its really ok. We’ll be proud of our participation in this time of great awakening.

~Molly Shepard M.A.

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Psychic Molly Shepard LIVE

See Molly LIVE in 2011

Sun Prairie, WI. Saturday,  April 16th

Platteville, WI Saturday, April 30th

Galena, IL.  Sunday, May 1st

Madison, WI, TBA

Book your appointment today via email at  or book a party in your area.

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Psychic Readings By Molly

Guide for advanced souls.

Energy shifts. Awakenings.

Get clear and create the life you want!

Here to show the love. Here to help.


Molly holds a B.A in Psychology from the University of Wisconsin Whitewater and an M.A. in Psychology from the University of West Georgia. The focus of her graduate research has been in consciousness studies and human potential.

My Expert Service

“I can help. Often times the thing that keeps us from getting the love we want is ourselves. Let me help identify roadblocks and karmic challenges. Sometimes our troubles come from where we’re at now, other times we’re dealing with past life stuff. You can expect compassion and confidentiality from me. You can also expect the truth. If you’re doing self defeating things I will tell you. If you’re in denial that your relationship is truly over, I will address that. You do not have to be unhappy, you can get the love you want”.  ~Molly Shepard

Experience & Qualifications

“I have been a fortuneteller my entire adult life with over 20 years, full-time experience, reading for thousands world-wide”.

To schedule a psychic tarot reading with Molly, email  You can choose from a phone, online chat or in-person reading.  Her rate is 7 a minute.  She will contact you to arrange the time of reading and send you a PayPal invoice to get it started.


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I love Molly. she is always a dream and always spot on a situation. Years later continues to amaze me. She is impressive and uncanny in what she says. I have spoken to her for years and it is like she is right there in the situation and guiding it along its way. Amazing actually. xoxo 

Excellent! Fantastic insight, very soothing and able to really help you to see with a great deal of clarity
Im coming to Molly for 2 years now she is very insightful and caring person. She gets situation spot on and will tell you probably something that you may already now but dont want to hear – she doesnt sugar coat and thats why I like her. Thank you and God Bless! 
Awesome… I felt the wisdom of her, she is really honest. She is more than a psychic. ALL STAR rating for her. Thanks a lot Molly. 
Molly has been a Solid Gold rock in my life. In times of major decisions, her predictions have prevailed to be true.
Wonderful reading as usual from Molly – she always delivers with an almost poetic way of getting her information across, she is descriptive and a very fast typer – Thank you so much!! 
Thank you Molly! thank you for the insight and directness of our visit. so many things have happened the way you have said. what blows my mind is how i have no personal way of behaving to effect these predictions, and they still happen!! I have found my true connection. 

GREAT!!! She picked up on a very veiled situation from the beginning… I finally see it now!! Predictions also came thru!!!

She is a good hearted woman with , i believe , clear and expecially honest vision on what is the main problem or issue.  And that is quite difficult to find.  Thank you.  ~Silver
EXCELLENT….needed to confirm some things that I thought were true, and she took the words right out of my head. No doubt that she is connected and gifted…and honest.
Luv ya!!! Thanks for being brave and putting it on the table. Really appreciate it. 
Molly is always great; I have been talking with her for a few years now; she is fast, on track and very accurate; I go to her with the big stuff and also appreciate how she tells it like it is.
Molly is very insightful and caring but she challenges you as well which is very powerful. 

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